Housing: microdata, macro problems

Joint BOE, Cemmap, Brevan Howard Centre conference

Event date: 4 May 2016

A host of issues continue to limit understanding of the role housing markets play in the dynamics of financial markets, labour markets, and the wider macro economy.

Mortgage and bankruptcy constraints, individual tenure and portfolio choices, potential frictions in the labour, housing and mortgage markets remain promising avenues for theoretical and empirical research and debate. Arguments about policies often hinge on particular modelling assumptions. Which assumptions are of first-order importance? Microdata or theoretical models that shed light on these issues are sought.

The conference will feature 10-12 papers that tackle housing issues from a variety of angles. Participants from near and far are invited. Examples of issues to be considered are:

  • Mortgage and bankruptcy constraints in equilibrium 
  • Role of individuals’ beliefs and expectations about income and house prices 
  • Interactions between housing and labour market choices 
  • Tenure choice: Why does anyone buy a house? 
  • Housing supply 
  • Contracting frictions in housing and mortgage markets 
  • Search and matching in housing markets 
  • The effects of recent and not-so recent housing/mortgage policies
  • International comparisons  
  • Accommodation costs and some travel costs will be covered for invited participants.

Please feel free to inform other interested researchers about this conference. Further information about the conference will be provided on the Cemmap website.