Financial Market Infrastructure Conference II: new thinking in a new era

An interdisciplinary conference for policy-makers, practitioners and academics

Event date: 7 - 8 June 2017

Since 2009, unprecedented global reform has transformed the legal and regulatory landscape for financial market infrastructure (FMI), pushing the industry into the spotlight. Simultaneously, new technologies, new sources of data and new interdependencies are having an impact. Against this historic backdrop, this conference will bring together senior policy-makers, practitioners and academics from around the world in order to evaluate the regulatory landscape, share original research and stimulate inter-disciplinary ways of thinking about this new era for FMI. The first conference in this series was organised and hosted by De Nederlandsche Bank in 2012. This conference also marked the launch of the Journal of Financial Market Infrastructures (JFMI), edited by Ron Berndsen.

The conference is hosted by De Nederlandsche Bank, and supported and co-organised by the Bank of Canada; the Bank of England; the Bank of Mexico; Law Department of the London School of Economics (LSE Law); and the JFMI.