One Bank Flagship Seminar by Glen Weyl, Microsoft Research New York City

Glen Weyl joined us for our latest One Bank Flagship seminar. His seminar discussed Radical Markets: A New Design for Liberalism.

Event date: 5 October 2017, 16:00-17:00

E. Glen Weyl is a Senior Researcher at Microsoft Research New England (currently visiting the New York City lab), a visiting Senior Research Scholar at Yale’s economics department and law school and the co-founder with Eric Posner and Kevin Slavin of Collective Decision Engines, a start-up that commercializes Quadratic Voting for survey research applications. His research draws on tools and insights from adjacent fields to economics, such as law, computer science and philosophy, to design practical proposals for radically expanding the scope of efficient markets.

He is currently working on a book, Radical Markets, joint with Eric Posner, which argues that markets can address the recent crisis of the liberal order, but only if we can move beyond standard assumptions such as private property, one-person-one-vote and the national control of borders. Around the world, markets are blamed for the triple crisis of stagnation, inequality and political conflict that is destabilizing the liberal order.  In this book, they argue that the solution lies in deepening markets rather than limiting them, but doing so require radically rethinking institutions we usually associate with them.

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