7th BdF-BoE-BdI International Macroeconomics Workshop: New developments in International Macro-Finance

The Bank of England, Banque de France and Banca d’Italia are organizing the 7th edition of their joint International Macroeconomics Workshop.

About the event

Date: 8 November 2021

The International Directorate of the Bank of England, the International Macroeconomics Division of the Banque de France and International Relations and Economics Directorate of the Banca d’Italia are organizing a joint workshop on 8 November 2021 on “New developments in international macro-finance”. The keynote lecture will be delivered by Wenxin Du (Chicago Booth). 

The workshop will be held virtually. 

If you have any queries please contact stakeholderrelations@bankofengland.co.uk.  

Organisers: Ambrogio Cesa-Bianchi (BoE), Fernando Eguren-Martin (BoE), Sevim Kosem (BoE), Julia Schmidt (BdF) and Fabrizio Venditti (BdI) 


How to register

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