2nd International Capital Flows and Financial Policies Workshop

2nd Joint Bank of England-Banque de France–IMF–OECD-Banca d'Italia Workshop on International Capital Flows and Financial Policies

About the workshop

Date: 25-26 October 2021

The risks and benefits of cross-border capital flows, and their impact on domestic economies, have been the subject of extensive policy and academic debate. Capital flow dynamics during the pandemic have once again highlighted the policy challenges arising from global financial market integration. The spread of the COVID-19 virus was associated with sharp movements in capital flows. Such volatility was amplified by a marked tightening in financial conditions, including strains in US dollar funding markets. Understanding these episodes of market turmoil and monitoring recent trends in international capital flows, such as the growing importance of more volatile flows from non-bank financial intermediaries, is key for appropriate policy responses.

The workshop will bring together academics and policy makers to deepen our understanding of global capital flows. Banca d’Italia has joined the organising committee in 2021 as part of its activities under the Italian G20 Presidency.

The workshop will be held in virtual format and hosted by the Banque de France. 

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