8th BdF-BoE-BdI International Macroeconomics Workshop - The US dollar as a global currency: challenges and perspectives

Banca d’Italia, the Bank of England and Banque de France are organizing the 8th edition of their joint International Macroeconomics Workshop.

About the workshop

Date: 8 November 2022

Banca d’Italia, the Bank of England and Banque de France are jointly organizing the 8th edition of the International Macroeconomics Workshop on 8 November 2022. This year’s edition focuses on the role of the dollar in international finance and trade. The conference will have a keynote address by Prof. Jesse Schreger (Columbia Business School). The workshop will take place in Rome at the Banca d’Italia, and will be held in-person (unless the evolution of the pandemic or other exceptional circumstances will not allow so).

We invite theoretical and empirical research covering the following topics:

  • Dollar safety and convenience yields 
  • Deglobalisation and the future of dollar dominance
  • Dollar funding and the global financial cycle
  • Dollar invoicing and global trade 
  • Dollar shortages and central bank swap lines
  • The emergence of non-dollar reserve currencies
  • Digital alternatives to the dollar

The deadline for submitting a paper is 1 September 2022 to the following email address: intworkshop2022@gmail.com. Authors of selected papers will be contacted by 15 September.


  • Antoine Berthou (BdF)
  • Ambrogio Cesa-Bianchi (BoE)
  • Aydan Dogan (BoE)
  • Fabrizio Venditti (BdI)

Call for papers


For registration to attend the conference send an email to bancaditalia.studi.convegni@bancaditalia.it.

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