10th BdF-BoE-BdI International Macroeconomics Workshop: Structural factors in the global economy

The Bank of England, Banque de France and Banca d’Italia are organizing the 10th edition of their joint International Macroeconomics Workshop.

About the workshop

Date: 25 October 2024

Banca d’Italia, the Bank of England and Banque de France are jointly organizing the 10th edition of their International Macroeconomics Workshop on 25 October 2024. The keynote lecture will be given by Andrei Levchenko (University of Michigan). The workshop will take place in Paris at the Banque de France and will be held in-person.

This edition focuses on the implications of secular trends and structural factors in international macro and finance. We invite theoretical and empirical research covering the following topics:

  • Financial fragmentation and the changing structure of the international monetary system
  • Implications of deglobalization and supply chain fragmentation for cross-border spillovers and monetary policy
  • Rising public debt levels, demographic trends, and productivity: implications for safe asset demand and global R*
  • International spillovers from the green transition and climate-related risks
  • Rising inequality, household heterogeneity and the international transmission of shocks 
  • The rise of NBFIs and their links to the wider global financial system

The deadline for submitting a paper is 30 June 2024. Please submit full papers via this form. Authors of selected papers will be contacted by 26 July 2024. The submitting author is expected to present. 

Luisa Carpinelli (BdI, luisa.carpinelli@bancaditalia.it)
Aydan Dogan (BoE, aydan.dogan@bankofengland.co.uk)
Daniel Ostry (BoE, daniel.ostry@bankofengland.co.uk)
Julia Schmidt (BdF, julia.schmidt@banque-france.fr)

Call for papers

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