Financial Stability Report - December 2015

The Financial Stability Report sets out our Financial Policy Committee's view on the stability of the UK financial system and what it is doing to remove or reduce any risks to it.
Published on 01 December 2015


The Financial Policy Committee (FPC) assesses the outlook for financial stability in the United Kingdom by identifying the risks faced by the UK financial system and weighing them against the resilience of the system. By doing so, it assesses the ability of the financial system to continue to provide its core functions to the economy, even under adverse circumstances. Following the global financial crisis, there was a period of heightened risk aversion and retrenchment from risk-taking as financial institutions, businesses and households sought to repair their balance sheets. The FPC judges that the system has now moved out of that period. Household debt has fallen relative to income, but is still elevated, banks are more resilient and credit is generally more available.

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Data from the December 2015 Financial Stability Report

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As a supplement to the December 2015 Financial Stability Report, the FPC has published a document setting out the framework of capital requirements for UK banks.

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