Processing employment references and average number of leavers & joiners per month

We publish details of a selection of requests made under the Freedom of Information Act 2000, and the information we disclose in response.
Date released: 15 May 2015

‘Which department/person(s) deals with Employment References at your company (or the name of company if outsourced)?’
Employment references for ex-Bank employees are dealt with by Human Resources.  Employment references for new employees to the Bank are outsourced to MHG Corporate Risks Ltd, who undertake such checks with the consent of the individual.
‘How are Employment References requested for new starters?  How are they chased up? (email/telephone/postal service/fax)’

Employment references for new starters are requested by an outsourced company.  
‘How are Employment References completed for ex-employees (email/telephone/postal service/fax)?’
When a request for an employment reference is received, the Human Resources Department send a letter back to the organisation either by post or email. 
'How many leavers (on average) does your company have per month?’
On average 50.1 members of staff leave the Bank per month.
‘How many starters (on average) does your company have per month?'

On average 63.5 members of staff join the Bank per month.