Information on the use of recruitment agencies by the Bank

We publish details of a selection of requests made under the Freedom of Information Act 2000, and the information we disclose in response.

Date released: 2 April 2015

In the last 2 years has your organisation used external recruitment agencies to hire for permanent or contract roles?

For the coming year what live vacancies does the organisation currently have for permanent or contract roles?
The Bank publishes all live job vacancies on our recruitment website.

On which websites are these jobs advertised?
In addition to the Bank’s careers website, the Bank occasionally uses niche job boards depending on the nature of the role.

What is the process for selecting new recruitment agencies? Provide the procurement process for selecting new recruitment agencies and what date is this conducted and by whom? 
A tender to establish a Preferred Supplier List for Recruitment Agencies was run as an OJEU (Part B) Restricted Procedure (the tendering party could select a defined number of suppliers to take part in process). To achieve the maximum interest we published this to all suppliers who had registered on the Bank’s tender portal against the Recruitment work interest category, this represented around 600 companies.

The Bank works in accordance to the EU Public Procurement requirements and regarding the dates this tender was conducted is provided in the table below. This procedure was conducted by the Bank. The contracts arranged were for a term of 36 months with two optional extension periods of 12 months each subject to the service remaining satisfactory and agreement by both parties.




 Issue Tender  Bank Procurement Manager  09 May 2013 
 Clarification Meeting   Bank Procurement Manager  15 May 2013 4-5pm
 Deadline for Information/Questions requests  Tenderers   13 June 2013 5pm
 Tender return date   Tenderers  18 June 2013 12 noon
 Post tender clarification meetings or presentations  Bank evaluation team and invited tenderers  To be held during July and August 2013
 Appoint tenderers  Bank Procurement Manager  17 September 2013 
 10 day standstill period  All   18-28 September 2013 
 Contract commences  Contracted supplier  01 November 2013

Is there a purchase threshold below which allows the organisation to use external recruitment agencies which are not on any preferred supplier arrangements or contracts without going through a formal tender process?

The Bank would generally use contracted parties for all requirements.  However it is accepted that if the contracted parties cannot assist in a particular case or we have a requirement which is of a specialist nature that does not match their abilities we may approach alternative, non-contracted or tendered bodies, this should be limited in both occasions and costs.