Number of graduates recruited for IT graduate scheme from 2010-2015 including number with computer science degrees, technology degrees and number from Russell Group Universities

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Date released: 27 May 2015



Number of Graduates recruited on the IT Graduate Scheme 

Number of Graduates with a Computer Science Degree* 

 Number of Graduates with any Technology Degree**

Number of Graduates from a Russell Group University 

2010 3 1 1 2
2011 2 1 0 0
2012*** 5 0 2 0
2013 5 2 3 4
2014 8 3 5 3
2015 7 2 4 3

* This only includes course with 'Computer Science' in the title.

**Subjects included as ‘Technology’ are: Aerospace Engineering with Industrial Experience, Applied Information Technology, Business Computing with Professional Practice, Business Information Systems, E-Commerce Engineering with Law, Engineering, Information Communication Technology, Physics and Astrophysics, Mathematics, Physical Sciences, Physics, Space Technology and Planetary Exploration.

***Degree or university information is no longer held for all of the 2012 intake.