Personal interests declared by Monetary Policy Committee members when deciding base rates

We publish details of a selection of requests made under the Freedom of Information Act 2000, and the information we disclose in response.

Subject/Request Details: Whether any member of the Monetary Policy Committee has ever raised a personal interest in "Buy to Let", mortgage, savings etc when a decision on bank rates has been made.

Date released: 30 November 2015


In respect of whether any of the above mentioned issues have been raised by members of the MPC at the MPC meetings, the answer is no.  Members of the MPC are required under the ‘Code of Conduct for MPC Members’ to disclose assets and liabilities on an annual basis, and obtain permission for transactions as they happen.  Therefore, there is no requirement to disclose such information at MPC meetings.

The Bank of England’s ‘Personal Financial Transactions Policy’ which is applicable to all Bank employees, including members of the MPC, and other committees, can be viewed at:

Personal Financial Transactions PolicyPDF