Details of gifts, dinners and parties for Martin Weale's departure from the Bank in August 2016 and salary details

We publish details of a selection of requests made under the Freedom of Information Act 2000, and the information we disclose in response.
Date: 28 September 2016


A retirement reception was held for Martin Weale at the Bank of England on the 26 July 2016.  The cost was £3,634.75* (inclusive of catering and staff labour costs).  He was presented with a bound set of speeches covering the term of his appointment which cost £416.00.  

Details of the remuneration for external members of the Monetary Policy Committee (‘MPC’) and other committees are published in our Annual Report. In the latest report (on page 68) you will see that for the year to end February 2016 the external MPC members were paid £148,200.  
*revised May 2017