Is there gold stored in the Bank of England vaults that was recovered from Nazi Germany between 1945 and 1948 by the Tripartite Gold Commission?

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Date released:  29 January 2016


The Bank of England (the ‘Bank’) does not hold any gold assets that were recovered from Nazi Germany by the Tripartite Gold Commission (‘TGC’).   There were two gold bars which were transferred from the Deutsche Bundesbank to the US Government (as a representative of the TGC) in September 1996.  The TGC deposited them at the Bank in October 1996 where they were held on account of the TGC.  A press release dated May 1997 covering this issue and an article from a Bank staff magazine ‘The Old Lady’, in September 1997, which explains their history are attached below.  The Bank no longer holds these bars.

PDFPress Notice May 1997

PDFOld Lady article on Nazi Gold - September 1997

The full story of Nazi Gold was covered by a conference held in London in 1997. The proceedings were published by the Foreign & Commonwealth Office in 1998 as a book ‘Nazi Gold: The London Conference’. This brought together all the available information on the origins of the looted gold and what happened to it.  There is a mention of the bars that were held by the Bank in the Bank of England section of the book.