Governors' Day 2016

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Date released: 7 November 2016


Governors’ Day is a long-held tradition that is open to all employees (including members of the Monetary Policy Committee), including their families, with the aim of recognising their hard work and dedication.  The annual event is an important one for all Bank of England (the ‘Bank’) employees, and the Bank strongly believes that this carefully budgeted event is worthwhile. 

The table below provides a breakdown of the costs for Governors’ Day which was held on the 10 July at the Bank’s sports club.  The overall total spend was similar to the total spend for the years 2014 and 2015 which was £99,465.46 and £99,288.00 respectively.  There were around 2,500 tickets issued and the Governor attended the event.

Governors' Day costs (2016)

Amount (£) ex-VAT

 Catering, entertainment and the venue 94,542.02 
 Other  4,493.11
 Total  99,035.13

Just under £2,500 was raised for the Bank’s charities of the year, The Lily Foundation and The Myotubular Trust, which was matched by the Bank.

In the category for ‘other’, the total costs were made up of the hire of PA communications equipment, security, cleaning, a first aider and shuttles to and from the local station.

The activities and entertainment on offer for adults and children included: climbing wall, swimming, fun run, laser tag, fairground, bouncy castles, table tennis, pool table, steel band, stalls, adventure playground, bungee, magic show, squash, snooker, dodgems, trampoline, face painting, sports arena, paddling pool, and mobile farm.  There was also various sporting activities and tournaments.  Catering was a variety of hot and cold buffet with soft drinks available throughout the day.