Questions about the receipts relating to the Governor's credit card transactions in 2015

We publish details of a selection of requests made under the Freedom of Information Act 2000, and the information we disclose in response.

Date:  22 May 2017 

Responses to questions about the receipts relating to the Governor’s credit card transactions in 2015 published here.

‘Who was Mr Carney dining with when he bought sardines and paella, diet coke and espressos at a Spanish restaurant in Washington on April 16, 2015, and what was the purpose of the meal and trip?’

The Governor dined with a member of the Federal Reserve Board while he was in Washington attending IMF Meetings between 15-18 April 2015. See the Governor’s published diary here.

‘Who did Mr Carney buy greek yogurt for at the VIP lounge at Heathrow on January 21, 2015 - or were the two portions for him? Where was Mr Carney travelling to?’

The Governor was travelling to the World Economic Forum in Davos (see published diary).  There is no recorded information held by the Bank in relation to the yoghurts.

‘Where was Mr Carney travelling to and from when he got a taxi in Ottawa on the evening of April 19, 2015, and what the purpose of the trip?’

The Governor was travelling from Ottawa airport in the evening of Sunday 19 April 2015 to where he was staying in Ottawa.  The Governor was attending meetings with the Bank of Canada and Department of Finance the next morning.

‘Did Mr Carney travel alone on an Easyjet flight to Basel on January 12 2015?’

The Easyjet flight confirmation was for one flight from Basel to Gatwick which was not used.  In eventuality, this was not used due to changes in the Governor’s schedule.

‘In November 2015 Mr Carney stayed in a hotel suite for two nights at a cost of 1,200 Euros. In which country was this stay, what was the purpose of the trip and was the suite just for Mr Carney?’

The Governor was attending the G20 Leaders Summit in Turkey (see published diary).  The reservation includes the information that the suite was for one adult only.