Governors’ Day 2018

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Date: 22 November 2018

Disclosure: Governors’ Day 2018

Governors’ Day is a long-held tradition that is open to all employees including their families, with the aim of recognising their hard work and dedication. The annual event is an important one for all Bank of England (the ‘Bank’) employees, and the Bank strongly believes that this carefully budgeted event is worthwhile.  

The table below provides a breakdown of the costs for Governors’ Day 2018 which was held on 8 July at the Bank’s Sports Club in Roehampton. There were 2,518 tickets issued.

Governors’ Day costs 2018  Amount (£) ex-VAT 
Catering (includes equipment)

Catering was provided by the Bank’s canteen and included hot and cold food with soft drinks available throughout the day. The activities on offer were provided both for children and adults. Many of the activities utilised the existing facilities at the sports centre, including the squash courts, swimming pool, tennis, table tennis, fun run and treasure hunt. For the children attending, the Bank provided a mix of physical and creative activities.