Amount spent on implementing changes in response to the Bank’s COVID-19 Risk Assessment

We publish details of a selection of requests made under the Freedom of Information Act 2000, and the information we disclose in response.

Date: 10 September 2020


In relation to the risk posed by COVID-19 for employees who are unable to work from home, the Bank implemented changes to how its buildings operate and set clear expectations on the behavioural changes that were required to minimise the risk of COVID-19 transmission. The Bank takes the wellbeing of its staff very seriously and has implemented these changes in order to protect the welfare of colleagues who are working from our buildings. It always considers value for money and feels the steps taken are appropriate given the risks posed by COVID-19. The table provides expenditure for the period March-June 2020 unless where specifically indicated.

Expenditure during the period March-June 2020
‘The amount spent on altering facilities’
£56,802 was spent on thermal imagers and screens for catering facilities.
‘The amount spent on signage’
£18,148.89 was spent on signage, materials for signs, installations of signage etc.
‘The amount spent per week on cleaning’
£8,300 was spent in total on disinfectant products.
Also a total of £2,643 was spent on additional cleaning staff
‘The amount spent on hand sanitiser and biocidal soaps’
From February 2020 to June 2020, £14,300 was spent on hand sanitisers. It is also possible that individual business areas purchased additional hand sanitisers. However, we are unable to provide this information as we would need to assess every invoice/receipt and this would be an extremely time consuming exercise. 
Prior to the risk posed by COVID-19, the Bank had purchased biocidal soaps so therefore did not need to purchase any additional soaps.
‘The amount spent on personal protective equipment’
14,000 masks were purchased at a cost of £16,600.
‘The total number of masks purchased under the Bank’s commitment to provide PPE “as a control”’