Details of the Bank of England loan to the government in 1694

Freedom of Information rules mean that, as a public authority, the Bank of England is obliged to disclose certain types of information, both proactively and on request.

Date: 23 October 2020


When the Bank of England (the ‘Bank’) was founded in 1694 it lent £1.2 million to the government.  Over the next 140 years the debt increased and decreased until in 1834 the amount outstanding was £11,015,100. The interest on the first loan in 1694 was 8%. This interest rate varied over the years, but at the time of nationalisation the interest rate was 2½%, this having been fixed under the Bank Act of 1892. When the Bank was nationalised in 1946 the outstanding balance was still £11,015,100.

The sum of £11,015,100 remained on the Bank’s books until July 1994 when the full amount was repaid by the government to coincide with the Bank’s tercentenary