Flexible working at the Bank of England as at end March 2021

Freedom of Information rules mean that, as a public authority, the Bank of England is obliged to disclose certain types of information, both proactively and on request.

Date: 12 May 2021


1. What is the Bank’s policy for flexible/home working for employees now and in the future?

The Bank of England (the ‘Bank’) has, for a number of years, had in place an approach that allows colleagues to work flexibly including working from home. Where possible the Bank offers flexible working hours and flexible leave options and is open to various flexible working options. We encourage all employees to have a good work/life balance and flexible working is one tool that can be used to help teams manage their work to adapt to life changes. The Bank supports flexible working through making information available to colleagues, including line managers, about this approach. We are currently in the process of reviewing how we may evolve our approach to future ways of working as we move into a hybrid way of working, following Covid-19 restrictions being lifted.

2. What is the Bank’s policy with regards to a return to the office, once coronavirus restrictions allow?

The Bank maintains Covid-19 secure buildings, and directs colleagues to Government guidance to make individual determinations regarding onsite working. Once Covid-19 restrictions are lifted, we will undertake a gradual process to reintroduce onsite working over a period of time. Like many other organisations we are considering the right balance of time spent working from the office and working remotely to maximise the Bank’s ability to deliver its mission. No decision has been taken on what that balance of time should be but we expect to trial any changes to understand how they work before finalising.

3. Specifically, is the Bank offering staff the ability to work from home permanently on remote working contracts? If so, how many staff have applied to become permanent home workers since March 2020?

Given our positive approach to flexible working (as mentioned above), the Bank does not, as a principle, offer colleagues remote working contracts.

4. Is the Bank offering staff the ability to work remotely part of the week? If so, is there a maximum number of days per week employees can work remotely and what has this been set at? How many staff have applied for flexible working, involving some remote working, once coronavirus restrictions allow?

In line with Government guidance, like many other organisations the majority of Bank employees have been working remotely over the past 12 months. As mentioned above, the Bank has been operating flexible working for a number of years and employees are encouraged to discuss with their line managers how best flexible working fits with the expectations of their individual roles.

5. Are the same policies discussed above available to all employees, including new recruits?

6. Regarding senior managers, how many have applied for a) flexible working? b) permanent home working?

The Bank’s approach applies to all employees. Please see the answer above in relation to applications for permanent home working.

7. What is the Bank’s policy regarding Covid-19 vaccinations and employees? Will all eligible employees be required to take up their Covid-19 vaccination?

The Bank does not have a policy regarding ‘Covid-19 vaccinations and employees’. Employees should use their own discretion as to whether receiving a Covid-19 vaccination is right for them.

8. How many employees in total work at the Bank of England?

As at 31 March, there were 4,475 full-time equivalent employees.