New UK start-up banks authorised since 2010 as at 16 February 2021

Freedom of Information rules mean that, as a public authority, the Bank of England is obliged to disclose certain types of information, both proactively and on request.

Date: 15 March 2021



Advanced Payment Solutions (Cashplus)
Allica Ltd
Atom Bank Plc
BFC Exchange Ltd
Castle Trust Capital Plc
Charter Court Financial Services Limited
Chetwood Financial Limited
Civilised Bank *
Distribution Finance Capital Limited
First Global Trust Bank *
Focus FS Limited / Monzo
GE Capital Bank Limited * 
GKBK Limited
Hampden & Co Plc
Masthaven Bank Limited
Metro Bank Plc
Monument Corporation Limited
OakNorth Limited
OneSavings Plc
Oxbury FS Plc 
Paragon Bank Plc 
Private and Commercial Finance Group Holdings Ltd
Redwood Bank Ltd
Tandem Bank Ltd **
Ursa Finance/Revver Bank *
Virgin Money
Zopa Financial Services Limited

* This firm is no longer authorised

** In January 2018, Tandem Money Limited acquired the entity previously named Harrods Bank Limited (‘HBL’) and changed HBL’s name to ‘Tandem Bank Limited’. The entity now known as Tandem Bank Limited has therefore been authorised since prior to 2010. However we include reference to Tandem Bank Limited in the list above because Tandem Money Limited was granted authorisation as a start-up bank in 2015.  Tandem Money Limited no longer holds a deposit-taking permission. 

Prior to 1 April 2013 applications to become a bank were processed by the Financial Services Authority (‘FSA’). Firms that were authorised by the FSA include: GE Capital Bank Limited *, Metro Bank Plc, OneSavings Ltd, and Virgin Money.

The New Bank Start-up Unit page provides information and support for those thinking of setting up a new bank in the UK.