Bank of England employees annual performance awards 2022/23

Freedom of Information rules mean that, as a public authority, the Bank of England is obliged to disclose certain types of information, both proactively and on request.

Date: 19 July 2023


1. In the year 2022/23, how much in total was paid to employees of the BoE in discretionary annual performance awards (aka "bonuses")?’

The total amount of performance award that was paid to employees was £25,315,817. For context, there were around 5,000 staff employed at the Bank as of 28 February 2023, the end of the financial year.

2. In the year 2022/23, what was the highest amount paid out to any individual staff member for an annual performance award (aka "bonus)?’

The highest amount paid to an individual staff member was £22,590.

3. In the year 2022/23, how many staff received annual performance awards (aka "bonuses") of more than £10,000?’

429 staff members received an annual performance award above £10,000.

4. In the year 2022/23, what was the average amount paid to BoE employees in annual performance awards (aka "bonuses")?’

The average (calculated as the mean) amount paid to employees for the annual performance award was £5,122.