Register of interests for members of the Monetary Policy Committee and Financial Policy Committee since 2017

Freedom of Information rules mean that, as a public authority, the Bank of England is obliged to disclose certain types of information, both proactively and on request.

Date: 21 September 2023


The Bank maintains a public register of interests for current members of the Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) and Financial Policy Committee (FPC). Details of the Bank’s criteria for publishing a declared interest on the public register are set out in the introductory paragraphs to, and the table headings and endnotes of, the present register. It is available at:

Bank of England Register of interests, 30 June 2023

In addition to the information currently or soon to be published on the register, the Bank holds other information about interests registered by MPC and FPC members since 2017. This information is set out in the tables below. Please note that certain information is exempt from disclosure, on the basis that it constitutes personal data and its disclosure would contravene one or more of the data protection principles under data protection legislation.

Interests of current MPC and FPC members

As of 8 August 2023.

Andrew Bailey MPC and FPC member since March 2020

Honorary Fellow of the Queen’s College, Cambridge

President, Bank of England Sports Club (ended)

Sir Jon Cunliffe, MPC and FPC member since November 2013

Policy Leadership Fellow (alumni) at the Centre for Science and Policy, Cambridge University (ended)

Member of the European Systemic Risk Board (ended)

Director of the Bank for International Settlements (ended)

Ben Broadbent, MPC member since 2011 and FPC member since July 2014

Ambassador, National Youth Orchestra

Sam Woods, FPC since July 2016

Member of the Board of Supervisors and Management Board of the European Banking Authority (ended)

Jonathan Haskel, MPC since September 2018

Member, Competition Decisions Committee, FCA (ended)

Director, Perrotts (ended)

Catherine Mann, MPC since September 2021

Member of Council of Foreign Relations

Member, Economic Club of New York

Member, American Economics Association

Member, National Association for Business Economics

Member, Forecasters Club of New York

Member, Global Interdependence Center

Member, Economic Advisory Committee at the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago (ended)

Member, National Business Economics Issues Council

European Investment Bank, occasional consultant with their Economics teams (not currently active)

Member, Chief Economist Community, World Economic Forum (ended)

Sarah Breeden, FPC since August 2021

Chair, macrofinancial workstream of the international central bank and supervisors' Network for Greening the Financial System (NGFS) (ended)

Dame Colette Bowe, FPC since September 2019

Trustee, Tablet Trust - including oversight of discretionary fund (ended)

Visiting Fellow, Nuffield College (ended)

Chair, Banking Standards Board (ended)

President, Voice of the Listener and Viewer (ended prior to joining FPC)

Trustee, Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts (ended prior to joining FPC)

Elisabeth Stheeman, FPC since February 2018

Trustee - British/German Chamber of Commerce (Member of Council)

Honorary Apprenticeship Ambassador

Fellow, Chapter Zero

Advisor, The 350 Club

Director and member of Audit Committee, TLG Immobilien (ended)

Director and member of Audit Committee, Korian SA (ended)

London School of Economics (member of LSE Council, inc Finance and Estates committee) (ended)

Interests of former MPC and FPC members

As of the date the member left the MPC or FPC.

Silvana Tenreyro, MPC from July 2017 to July 2023

Fellow, Econometric Society

CEPR international macro programme director

Advisor to Kristallina Georgieva, IMF

Chair, Women in Economics Committee, RES Ltd (ended)

Director, Review of Economic Studies (RES Ltd) (ended)

Chair of Economic Policy (representing CEPR) (ended)

Member, Advisory Council, Center for Inflation Research - Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland (ended)

President European Economic Association (ended)

Anil Kashyap, FPC from October 2016 to September 2022

Professor of Economics and Finance, Booth School of Business, University of Chicago

Member, Advisory Board, Financial Markets Group, London School of Economics

Consultant, Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago

Research Associate for the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER)

Member of the American Economic Association

Member of the American Finance Association

Member of the faculty oversight Board of the Chicago Booth’s Initiative on Global Markets

Co-founder of the US Monetary Policy Forum

Fellow, Centre for Economic Policy Research

Member of the Squam Lake Group (ended)

Member of the IMF’s Advisory Group on the Development of a macro-prudential policy framework (ended)

Member, Boston Federal Reserve Bank's Main Street Academic Advisory Group (ended)

Member of the Board of Directors of the Bank of Italy's Einuadi Institute of Economics and Finance (ended)

Consultant, Cabinet Office of the Japanese Government

Academic member of the Bellagio Group (ended)

Don Kohn, FPC from April 2013 to March 2021

Senior fellow in the Economic Studies Program at the Brookings Institution; Hutchins Center for Fiscal & Monetary Policy

Member, Advisory Group on financial stability and governance matters for Systemic Policy Partnership LLP

Member, FDIC Advisory Committee on Resolution

Member, Panel of international experts reviewing the effectiveness of the Central Bank of Chile

Trustee of Alliance for the Chesapeake charity (advisory board)

School governor / trustee of College of Wooster, Ohio

Member, Congressional Budget office Economic Experts

Task Force on Financial Stability in the US

Member, Senior Financial Leaders Discussion Group

Consultant, Hedgeye Risk Management (formerly Potomac Consulting Group) (ended)

Non-Executive Director, Alliance Partners LLP (US Asset Manager and Lender) (ended)

Gertjan Vlieghe, MPC from September 2015 to August 2021

Executive Fellow at London Business School

Associate, Macroeconomic Policy Unit - The Resolution Foundation

Alex Brazier, FPC from April 2015 to March 2021

Member, Advisory Board, Financial Markets Group, London School of Economics

Honorary Professor, School of Engineering, University of Liverpool

Trustee, Houblon-Norman George Fund

Director, COVID Corporate Financing Facility Limited (Bank subsidiary)

Andy Haldane, MPC from June 2014 to June 2021

Director of Pro Bono Economics

Trustee of National Numeracy

Director of BEAPF (Bank subsidiary)

Chair, Industrial Strategy Council (ended)

Mark Carney, MPC & FPC from July 2013 to March 2020

Member of the Court of the Bank of England

Chair, Global Economy Meeting, BIS

Chair, Economic Consultative Committee, BIS

First Vice-Chair of the European Systemic Risk Board

Member, ECB General Council

Member of the Board of the Bank for International Settlements

Member of the Group of Thirty

Member of the Foundation Board of the World Economic Forum

Member of the International Advisory Board of the Blavatnik School of Government, University of Oxford

Honorary Patron of National Gallery, Canada

Co-President, Heart of the City

Member of the Bretton Woods Committee

President, Bank of England Sports Club

Vice President, City of London Endowment Trust for St Paul's Cathedral

Member, Insurance Development Forum

Council for Inclusive Capitalism, The Vatican

Member of Everton in the Community

Chairman of the Financial Stability Board (ended)

Martin Taylor, FPC from April 2013 to March 2020

Chairman of the Board of RTL Group

Member, Advisory Committee of Johnson and Johnson’s Corporate Citizenship Trust (ended)

NED of CiBO Technologies (ended)

Trustee, Samuel Johnson Prize Ltd (ended)

Richard Sharp, FPC from April 2013 to March 2019

Chief Executive, DII Capital UK Adviser LLP

Partner in Roundshield Partners LLP

Partner in SW7 Asset Management (UK) LLP

Director, Oncimmune

Trustee, The Sharp Foundation

Director, Centre for Policy Studies

Director, Moonraker Limited

Trustee of the International Rescue Committee (Overseers Board)

NED, Celsee Inc