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Our youth forum helps us to keep in in touch with what matters to young people in the UK.

What is the Bank of England Youth Forum?

The forum is made up of 24 people aged between 16 and 25. They live in different parts of the UK.  

We set up the forum because we want to know what young people think about the issues like jobs, financial education and how we communicate. This helps us to understand the economy better. 

That’s important because the work we do affects everyone in the UK. So we need to hear about the experiences of people of all ages and backgrounds.

We worked in partnership with the British Youth Council to set up the forum. 

Our Youth Forum members have joined their local Citizens’ Panels and are busy working on several projects so keep checking back for updates. View the gallery at the bottom of this page to see some of the things they have been up to.

Youth Forum Q&A with Chief Economist to discuss the impact of Covid-19 on young people

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Youth Forum Presentation and Q&A with Governor Andrew Bailey

Members of the Bank of England Youth Forum


Abigail, 17, Scotland

I joined the forum because of my interest in the work that the Bank of England does, and because of how rewarding my previous experiences with youth forums and campaigning have been. From 2017-2019 I was a member of the Scottish Youth Parliament for Edinburgh Central. I have also been a member of the UK Youth Parliament and worked as a Structured Dialogue Champion. I am currently in my final year of High School and I hope to study a politics and economics related course at university. I am incredibly grateful to be part of this ground-breaking new project with the Bank and I can’t wait to see what the forum is able to achieve.

Adut, 25, South East

I joined the forum because I feel that there’s a disconnect in how young people navigate their finances and the holistic understanding they have about them; and the wider economy they fit into. The Bank of England is important for so much that we might take for granted day to day and it can become a real problem if young people are disconnected from it, and it’s disconnected from young people. I also wanted to be a part of a team of impassioned young people willing to liaise with the bank and put in the work to get the voices of young people heard and translated into policy and practice within the Bank.

Ahmed, 23, London

I am a care leaver currently working with Tottenham Hotspur Foundation as an Employment Adviser. I also founded You Vs You Ltd to support young people to develop their personal and interpersonal skills through mentoring and workshops. Due to my life experiences and how I’ve overcome them, I understand that there’s a need for encouraging young people to have a positive mind set. I joined the Bank of England Youth Forum to learn and understand the role of the Bank in our society and to represent the voice of underrepresented groups, influence decision-makers and learn how I can take this back to my community to educate others. 

Amy, 22, South East

I have worked around mental health nationally in a number of roles for various organisations and worked as Lead Governor for Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust. After completing a Masters in International Social Policy as well as having lived experience with Asperger’s, depression and PTSD, I have become highly aware of how economic disparities and economic anxiety impacts on health and wellbeing. I believe young people’s voices are pivotal in addressing the economic anxiety experienced by young people and to give every young person the chance to reach their dreams without the economy being a barrier.

Asia, 19, London

I have been a long-standing Youth Councillor in Hounslow and have found through previous Make Your Mark ballots, that young people are hungry for life lessons and financial literacy. Young people are currently being left ill-equipped by their lack of education in school on money and finances. I wanted to join the forum because of my experiences with the British Youth Council and my belief in the importance of the issue. I want to utilise my position to extend the representation of young people through sharing the concerns and hardships that are faced by specific groups of young people across the UK.

Brahmpreet, 18, East Midlands

I joined the Bank of England Youth Forum because I was interested in finding out about the role Bank of England play in the lives of people. I’m also passionate about reducing poverty in the UK and wanted to know whether the Bank of England could start this conversation with us as a youth forum, whilst supporting us on campaigns in order to reduce poverty. Issues such as period poverty and youth hunger are some things that I am truly passionate about solving. I hope this can and will be achieved in this forum.

Casey, 21, Wales

I wanted to join the forum because I am passionate about advocating for healthy finances for all. I previously took part in UK Youth’s ‘Money for Life’ programme as a champion and supported in the delivery of financial education for young people. I have seen first hand the effects of educating young people on the skills and provisions needed to manage their money and how this has benefited them. I currently work in my local youth centre which gives me contact with many young people and I think this is an excellent opportunity to bring a voice from a young person’s perspective. 

Dan, 16, East Midlands

I am currently studying Economics at GCSE level and have a large interest in the position of the Bank of England. I am motivated and driven by the needs of young people and my passion is ensuring that young people are represented and given a voice. As a result of my work as Member of Youth Parliament, I have extensive experience in representing young people and standing up for youth issues. As a youth representative I hope to portray the issues to the Bank of England that affect the young people in my constituency, and ensure they are fully represented.

Disha, 16, South East

I am a Year 12 student, studying for my A-levels in economics, further maths, maths and history. I decided to join the youth forum as I am passionate about solving youth issues, such as improving financial literacy among young people and tackling economic inequality. I hope that I will be able to use my experience in the youth voice sector, from being Chair of Milton Keynes Youth Cabinet, and working with Girlguiding, Bucks Youth Voice and the National Children’s Bureau, to ensure that the Bank of England’s future policy adequately takes young people into account.

Grace, 16, West Midlands

I am a Girlguiding delegate for the British Youth Council, which has allowed me to participate in some amazing opportunities such as guest editing Stylist magazine. More importantly, it has given me a unique platform to be able to raise awareness and draw attention to issues which I am passionate about. I joined the Bank of England Youth Forum to use my experience of representing girls and young women to the world of finance more accessible. Finance is also not an area that I knew much about before joining this forum, so it is a brilliant opportunity for me to learn more about economics and the work of the Bank whilst giving an outsider’s perspective. 

Henry, 16, North East

I am currently studying for my A-Levels and was just appointed the 2019 cadet of the year for my district in St John Ambulance. This allowed me to join the regional youth forum where I got to help influence policies and projects within St John Ambulance. I realised how rewarding and enjoyable it is to advocate for the diverse mix of young people in the North East; that’s why I jumped at the opportunity to get involved with Bank of England Youth Forum. I’ve witnessed the contrasting situations of young people in the North East and look forward to ensuring that these young people are represented.

Jack, 24, North West

I am currently working on the Finance Graduate Scheme at Network Rail, and graduated from the University of Glasgow with a degree in Chemistry last year. I recently finished a three year period as a Trustee for the Scout Association, where I became very passionate about the voices of young people being heard in circles where historically this hasn’t been the case. I joined the forum to help empower young people to have their voices heard at the Bank of England and potentially help shape future policy.

Kimberly, 21, Wales

I am currently a Third Year Medical Biochemistry Student at Swansea University. I also work part-time for a charity organisation called Centre for African Entrepreneurship. I am the Project Manager for the Youth Entrepreneurship project, which aims to support young and disadvantaged aspiring entrepreneurs in and around Swansea to move forward in their journeys. We work primarily with people from ethnic minority backgrounds. I joined the Forum as I would like to reach out to as many mainstream organisations, to bring more awareness and ensure better support for young people, no matter their gender or ethnicity. 

Kit, 22, North East

I am a passionate and confident individual who has continually sought to help those who are vulnerable and marginalised in our society. I have been involved in various organisations in my hometown, such as the local food bank and youth assembly. I want to use this forum as a springboard to challenge the status quo by providing young and/or disadvantaged people across the United Kingdom with the tools necessary in order for them to gain a greater understanding about our financial system and, significantly, their position within it.

Louis, 16, North West

I am currently a Youth Councillor at Warrington Youth Council, as part of this role I get involved with schools, so working with the education sector and promoting educational resources isn't a new thing to me. Promoting education and understanding of finance, budgeting and the job of the central bank is definitely an area of interest and one which through the forum I will work towards.

Olivia, 16, Yorkshire and Humber

I think that money is such an influential part of everyday life, and, although young people are aware of this, I don’t think they tend to understand all of the issues surrounding money and the economy. I want to spread awareness to all young people of all backgrounds about just how important the Bank of England is, and how it’s one of the most important organisations in the UK. 

Owen, 17, Central Southern 

I am studying A-Level Economics at college and intend to go to university to study a BSc in Economics. I wanted to join the forum because I am interested in the role of The Bank of England and its influence and importance on the economy; through setting policies and aiming for economic stability. It is a great opportunity to learn more about The Bank of England and provide a voice for young people.

Rina, 22, East Midlands

I joined the Bank of England Youth Forum to understand how the bank engages young people in different opportunities. Young people are the future and they should participate in the economy as it is rapidly changing. Another concern is financial literacy, for young people to have the skill and ability to make informed and effective decisions with all their financial resources. This is important because it equips an individual to manage money effectively. Currently, I feel we are lacking in this and believe it should be explored and implemented in schools, colleges and youth organisations.

Rudi, 16, West Midlands

I have just started studying History, Maths and Economics at A-Level, which all share similar aspects to the Bank of England's role and policies. Furthermore, I have experience as a youth representative for the Birmingham Aspiring Youth Council. I wanted to join the Bank of England Youth Forum as I feel young people are key to the future of politics, business and the economy, and the more representation for us, the better. This opportunity combines my academic interests with youth representation and I look forward to using my experiences to contribute effectively to the group.

Salman, 20, Yorkshire and Humber

I am currently a member of Leeds Youth Council and a Youth Leader for the Together We Are Stronger project in Leeds, which is funded by the Home Office. I have always been an active citizen and have been a part of multiple different youth projects as I like challenging myself and getting out of my comfort zone. I joined the Bank of England Youth Forum because financial and economic decisions affect every one of us, whether you’re young or old, and this gives a platform for young people like myself to share our ideas and opinions on shaping the economy.

Siobhan, 19, South East 

I am currently in my second year at Swansea University studying Psychology. I wanted to join the forum to improve my knowledge around the growing field of economics but also to bring in the important influence that financial instability and lack of knowledge can have on a person’s mental health. With being a young carer, I didn’t feel like my family was supported enough financially but also, we weren’t given any guidance on how we can prepare for the future; I wanted to join this forum to be the voice of the minorities that need help and advice but are unsure where to look for it. Through this forum, I want to encourage conversation and promote education.

Sophie, 17, South West

Studying A-level Economics has provided me with knowledge of the economic principles and systems of governance within the UK economy. I also have experience as a Deputy Member of Youth Parliament where I focused on improving young people’s access to financial and life skills education. I joined the Bank of England Youth Forum because economics is largely centred on decision making, and by working with young people to better understand economics and the role of the Bank of England they can be empowered to make decisions in a more informed way. As young people, we have the most significant stake in the future, yet often the least say and I am passionate about changing this.

Sophie, 19, Northern Ireland

I have always been passionate about advocacy and youth voice outreach and believe it is vital to give a voice to those areas of society not otherwise heard. I was previously a UK Girlguiding Advocate, and became one of the founding members of Girlguiding’s ‘Period Poverty’ Campaign; which made me aware of financial injustice in the UK. I joined the Bank of England Youth Forum due to the lack of financial education in schools. Money affects us all, at every stage of our lives, therefore it is vital people are informed of how to manage it. I hope to work with the Bank of England to improve financial education and help create a fairer economic system.
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