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Useful information for firms seeking to apply to our facilities

This page provides details for firms seeking to apply for access to our facilities. Legal documentation can be found on the Documentation page.

Apply to participate in the Sterling Monetary Framework

The following types of institution can apply to take part in the Sterling Monetary Framework (SMF):

  • banks and building societies that are authorised to take deposits in the UK
  • investment firms designated for prudential supervision by our Prudential Regulation Authority (referred to as ‘broker-dealers’)
  • central counterparties operating in UK markets, which are authorised under the European Market Infrastructure Regulation (EMIR) or recognised by the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA).

More information is available in the following document:

We also have guidance for new banks on access to the Sterling Monetary Framework. 

Each applicant for SMF facilities should complete the following application form, and provide the additional information requested on page one.

PDFSterling Monetary Framework application form

Applicants will need to provide a completed authorised signatory evidence form along with the application form – included in the application form on page 17. If you need to make a change to your existing form, then see the SMF Authorised Signatory Evidence Form section on the Information for participants page. We have prepared guidance for applicants on the evidence required to support your authorised signatory evidence form. 

We may need you to provide a capacity opinion or a capacity and country opinion in connection with your application:

If the applicant is not the primary entity in its group, we may require a guarantee and an associated legal opinion to be provided:

The legal documentation governing participation in our operations under the Sterling Monetary Framework also includes:

  • The Admission Letter we send to participants as part of the application process, containing details of information that you need to send us.
  • The Commencement Letter we send to participants once we have accepted them into the SMF.
  • Any relevant Market Notice, which we publish from time to time.

For queries on applying to participate in the Sterling Monetary Framework, contact the applications team via email

Apply to participate in APF Gilt Purchase operations

To take part in the competitive auctions, you must be:

  • a Gilt-edged Market Maker
  • a participant in our Sterling Monetary Framework

To take part in the non-competitive element of the auction, you must be appropriately authorised under the Financial Services and Markets Act, or signed up to our gilt-purchase open market operations. 

Only one firm within a group can take part in the auctions, unless you undertake different kinds of activity, for example banking and asset management.

To apply, complete the application form and email to

Apply to take part in APF Corporate Bond Purchase Scheme operations

To take part in the Corporate Bond Purchase Scheme, we must be satisfied that you are a market maker in investment-grade sterling denominated corporate bonds. You must also be a participant in the Sterling Monetary Framework for open market operations.

To apply, complete the expression of interest form and email it to

You also need to complete the operation contacts and settlement information form and send it to

If your application is successful, you will have to sign an Admission Letter agreeing to the terms and conditions.

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