Exchange Rate Information for calculation of the SDR - Market Notice 1 November 2016

The Bank of England provides exchange rate information to the IMF for calculating the daily value of the Special Drawing Right (SDR).
Published on 01 November 2016
1. From 01 November 2016, these rates are the WM/Reuters Intra-Day Spot Rates as at 12 noon London time provided by Reuters. In the event that WM/Reuters rates are unavailable, the Bank of England will provide indicative reference rates.

2. This exchange rate information can be found on the IMF’s website.

3. Prior to 01 November 2016, the exchange rates provided to the IMF were indicative mid-market rates as observed by the Bank's Foreign Exchange Desk around noon. For further details on the Bank’s published rates and the relevant disclaimer regarding the Bank’s publication of such rates please see our relevant webpage.

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