Exchange Rate Information for calculation of the SDR - Market Notice 10 October 2016

The IMF calculates the value of the SDR - Special Drawing Right - on a daily basis, using exchange rates provided by the Bank of England
Published on 03 October 2016
1. The euro, dollar, sterling and yen form part of this calculation (“SDR basket” currencies), and from 1 October 2016, the IMF has added the Chinese renminbi into the SDR basket.

2. The Bank of England continues to provide exchange rate information to the IMF for calculating the daily value of the SDR, and this now includes the offshore renminbi (CNH) exchange rate.

3. This exchange rate information can be found on the IMF’s website.

In agreement with the IMF, the Bank will no longer publish these rates including on Thomson Reuters (BOE/NOONSDR), Bloomberg (BOEO), or Bank website pages.

4. For further details on the Bank’s published rates and the relevant disclaimer regarding the Bank’s publication of such rates please see our relevant webpage.

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