Bank of England Publishes Latest Financial Stability Review

The Bank of England is today publishing its latest Financial Stability Review.
Published on 14 December 2000

It contains six articles (summarised in the attached ‘Themes and Issues’ editorial), and also the Bank’s regular half-yearly assessment of risks to stability.

Commenting on the Bank’s assessment, David Clementi, Deputy Governor for Financial Stability, said: “Risks in the financial environment have probably increased somewhat in recent months, reflecting weaker growth and tighter credit conditions in the US, renewed pressure on some emerging market economies and a substantial build-up of debt in the telecoms sector. In the face of this, financial systems in the industrial countries nevertheless remain generally robust, so that the risks of instability should not be exaggerated. I hope that the Bank can contribute to achieving an objective assessment of vulnerabilities by making its own analysis transparent in this Review.”

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