HM Government Gold Auction Result: 12 July 2000

The Bank of England announces that the gold on offer (approximately 25 tonnes or 803,600 ounces) has been allotted in full at a price of $279.75 per ounce.
Published on 12 July 2000

All accepted bids which were made at prices above the allotment price have been allotted in full at the allotment price. Valid bids made at the allotment price have been allotted an amount of gold equal to the amount bid for multiplied by the above scaling factor and rounded up to the nearest 400 ounces.

By close of business in London today, applicants whose bids have been successful in whole or in part will be notified by the Bank of England of the exact weight of the gold bars allotted to them and the amount payable in respect of their purchase. Payment must be made in US dollars to the Bank of England’s account at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, no later than 12 noon New York time on 14 July 2000.

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