New £10 Banknote Design

As part of the continuing programme to maintain the integrity of the note issue, a new version of the Bank of England £10 banknote will be issued in the autumn of 2000.
Published on 17 May 2000

The introduction of this new version of the £10 note follows on from the successful issue of the new version of the £20 note featuring Sir Edward Elgar last year. The new £10 note is in the style of the new £20 note, and bears similar design and security features. To allow for the easy identification of the new £10, the reverse includes a portrait of the naturalist and scientist Charles Darwin, replacing the current design featuring Charles Dickens. The new £10 belongs to the same design family as all other Bank of England notes in circulation, and retains the main design features of the current £10 on the front of the note, including the existing portrait of the Queen.

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