Target 2 Point 5 - Schools and Colleges to take on the Role of the Monetary Policy Committee

The first round of the Bank of England/Times Interest Rate Challenge, which involves 36 regional heats, is to take place over the next fortnight, between 20 November and 1 December in locations across the United Kingdom.
Published on 13 November 2000

At each heat, the teams representing the schools and colleges participating in the ‘Challenge’ will take on the role of the Bank of England’s Monetary Policy Committee and make a live presentation to a panel of Bank of England judges. This will involve each team assessing economic conditions and the outlook for inflation, and deciding what level of interest rates they would like to set to meet the Government’s inflation target of 2.5%. The winning team from each of the regional heats will go forward to one of the six regional finals to be held in February 2001.

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