Launch of the New Book on Monetary Policy Frameworks

At a function today at the Bank of England’s Centre for Central Banking Studies the Governor of the Bank, Sir Edward George, launched the book “Monetary Policy Frameworks in a Global Context”, edited by Lavan Mahadeva and Gabriel Sterne.
Published on 06 October 2000

Sir Edward George said, “The analysis of this book should be of enormous value to professional economists and students alike, and the data that have been gathered are an excellent information source.”

The publication includes general lessons drawn in a report prepared for the 1999 Central Bank Governors’ Symposium held at the Bank of England. This includes one of the broadest-ever surveys of monetary policy framework characteristics, covering 94 monetary policy frameworks. Within this large sample, there are frameworks with many different forms and combinations of policy targets as well as institutional arrangements that incorporate varying degrees of accountability, independence and transparency, along with a variety of analytical methods that inform key decisions.

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