IMF - "UK Financial Stability Policy Framework is at the forefront internationally"

The UK’s financial stability policy framework has been significantly strengthened in recent years and is at the forefront internationally, according to a major study published by the International Monetary Fund today.
Published on 03 March 2003

The report, Financial System Stability Assessment, based on a Financial Sector Assessment Program (FSAP) review of the UK carried out over the past 18 months, says:

“The UK’s large and sophisticated financial sector features fundamentally sound and highly developed financial institutions, markets and infrastructure, supported by a financial stability policy framework that has been significantly strengthened in a number of ways in recent years, and that in many respects is at the forefront internationally.

“Clearly a great deal of thought has gone into making the institutional structure work – how to sharpen focus, accountabilities and transparency …[and] at the same time to encourage and facilitate coordination between the main players”.

PDFPress release

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