Bank of England Euro Notes: Announcement of Auction and Publication of Information Memorandum

The Bank of England today announced the auction of €1,000 million nominal of Bank of England Euro Notes maturing in 2008.
Published on 11 January 2005

The auction, which will be on a bid-yield basis, will take place on Tuesday 18 January 2005. An additional €1,200 million nominal of Notes will be allotted directly to the Bank of England. Of these Notes, €100 million nominal will be available for sale and repurchase operations with market makers for the Bank of England Euro Note programme and €1,100 million nominal will be held by the Bank with the intention that they will be sold in a subsequent auction or may be made available for sale and repurchase operations with the market makers. The Notes will be issued on Friday 28 January 2005, to mature on Monday 28 January 2008.

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