International Monetary Stability - Can The IMF Make a Difference?

At the GAM Gilbert de Botton Award Lecture in London today, Rachel Lomax – Deputy Governor responsible for Monetary Policy – discusses the role that a refocused International Monetary Fund (IMF) should be playing in promoting international monetary stability.
Published on 01 November 2006

She outlines some steps to build on the agreements reached in September at the Fund’s Annual meetings in Singapore.

In her lecture, Rachel Lomax discusses the transformation of the world economy and international monetary system over the past 30 years. Linkages between economies are greater than ever before. The interpretation of economic developments has become more challenging. And the emergence of new economic superpowers is creating a new generation of policy issues. She says, “In a more closely integrated world economy, there is a greater shared interest in identifying the risks to international monetary stability and in discussing the policy responses that might help to mitigate them”.

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