Quantitative easing and the economic outlook - speech by Charlie Bean

In a speech to the Scottish Council for Development and Industry in Glasgow, Charlie Bean describes his view of the economic outlook and the actions the MPC has taken to promote the recovery.
Published on 21 February 2012

Charlie Bean begins by briefly discussing the possibility of Scottish independence. “Whether or not Scotland becomes an independent country once again is a matter for the Scottish people to decide” he says. He adds that, were Scotland to become an independent country, “ ... the associated monetary arrangements would then be one of many matters needing to be settled. But the exact form of those arrangements would be for the Westminster and Scottish parliaments to decide, not the Bank of England. Until asked to do otherwise, the Bank will continue to use the powers delegated to us by the UK Parliament to try to deliver, to the best of our ability, monetary and financial stability for the United Kingdom as it stands...”

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