The Forum is Open

On 11 November, the Bank of England will bring together every kind of stakeholder in financial markets to discuss how we build real markets for the good of the people.
Published on 22 September 2015

The event was first announced by Governor Mark Carney at Mansion House in June.

Today, public registration begins.  The online portal will be available until 23 October, with attendance determined shortly thereafter by a ballot.  But with the debate on social media already underway (#BoEOpenForum) and live webcasts available on the day, the Open Forum is open to everyone. 
The outline programme is also published today. It has been developed not just by policymakers and market participants, but also representatives of well-known companies, trade unions, academia, the media and civil society.  The plenary and breakout sessions throughout the day will explore:

  • The role of financial markets in the economy;
  • The impact of regulation on financial market resilience;
  • Building a social licence for financial markets;
  • Improving the effectiveness of market finance in serving the economy;
  • The role of liquidity in the wider economy;
  • How financial innovation and technology can support the economy;
  • The role of central banks in financial markets; and 
  • Where next for financial markets?

In today’s Daily Mail Andrew Haldane, Chair of the Open Forum Steering Committee, argues that most of all, markets need a social licence. ‘They must work in the interests of the people they serve.  Innovation and regulation cannot shape the future for financial markets without society’s consent’. 

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