Time To Talk Day

We’re marking Time To Talk Day again this year with a series of events and activities alongside our Mental Health Network.
Published on 02 February 2017
We’re marking Time To Talk Day again this year with a series of events and activities alongside our Mental Health Network. Time to Talk Day aims to reduce the stigma and discrimination that surrounds mental health and to encourage our colleagues to feel comfortable talking about mental health.

The Bank offers a range of services to promote mental wellbeing, including in-house staff counsellors. In addition our Mental Health Network, one of our employee-led diversity and inclusion networks, works with Human Resources and the staff counsellors to raise awareness and improve understanding around mental health conditions, and highlights the support available to staff.

To mark Time to Talk Day, TJ, a member of our Mental Health Network has published a blog giving advice to students and sharing his story.

A series of events have also been organised around the theme of wellbeing including a talk from Professor Kevin Fenton, Public Health England, about perspectives on mental health and various seminars on topics such as personal resilience and energy.

On World Mental Health Day, we released a short film featuring staff sharing their mental health lived experiences. The film forms part of the Bank’s commitment to the new City-wide Lord Mayor's Appeal initiative, ‘This is Me in the City’ which aims to reduce stigma and discrimination towards mental health in the workplace and to raise awareness of wellbeing.
  • [Music]

    This is me [words on screen]

    Ifrah: I’m a Research assistant in the Statistics and Regulatory Data Division.

    TJ: I work at the Prudential Regulatory Authority on the Banking Structural Reform Team.

    Rob: I’m a Developer in a team called Integration Services in Technology.

    Adam: I’m a manager in the Prudential Regulation Authority.

    Rebecca: I’m a secretary in the Monetary Policy Coo Division.

    Rob: I’m a recovering alcoholic. I last had a drink on the 14 December 2004.

    Adam: I was ill with depression over a four to five year period, but I’ve been well since 2009.

    Ifrah: I suffer from anxiety and part of this is caused by catastrophic thinking.

    Rebecca: In 2013, I was diagnosed with Bipolar Effective Disorder, type 2.

    TJ: I’ve got panic disorder which is characterised by recurrent severe anxiety attacks and in the past I have also had some depression.

    Adam: I’m a husband, I have two children, I love cricket and I’ve started to learn to play tennis over the last few years.

    Rebecca: I enjoy doing archery, I also do Krav Maga and I’ve just passed my first exam – my P1 grading and I also make films.

    Rob: I like going to music festivals and music gigs and going out and doing gardening.  However, I’ve got a 4 year old daughter now so that kind of limits the opportunities for me to be able to do that.

    Ifrah: I enjoy playing the keyboard, listening to music and spending time with family and friends.

    TJ: I like to brew my own beer, I’m a real beer geek. I love to go to new pubs to try new things.

    My name is Rob, this is my story.

    I am Adam and this is my story.

    I’m Ifrah and this is my story.

    I’m TJ and this is my story.

    I’m Rebecca and this is my story.