Launch of the Future Forum 2018: Let’s Decide the Future of Money

During his speech this morning, the Governor of the Bank of England announced the details of the Bank’s annual Future Forum. 
Published on 02 November 2018

This year’s Future Forum will be digital, running on a virtual platform. The theme is “Let’s Decide the Future of Money”.

Future Forum aims to bring together a wide range of views in order to discuss the Bank’s role in serving society. This is a chance for us to listen to feedback and ideas about how we can promote the good of the people of the United Kingdom.

We recognise that money is evolving. That evolution has implications for the way we make payments, the way we keep our financial system safe and the types of financial services that we need. We want to hear your views on the future of banking, Fintech, cyber resilience, climate change and savings.  

Banknotes will remain an essential form of payment for some time. But, as we look to the future, we want to know what you think money will be like and what that will mean for you. Today, the Bank launches a challenge to start the conversation: those who usually pay with cash, we challenge you to live without cash for a week, only paying by card or online for purchases. And, those who are cashless, we’d like you to only use cash for a week. Then, we invite you to share your experiences on the platform and join the conversation to help inform our decision making.

Speaking about the Future Forum, the Governor said: “I’m looking forward to hearing your questions, ideas and thoughts. Together, let’s decide the future of money”. 

This year’s Future Forum will run on a virtual platform, from today to 16 January. All of the Governors will host their own live Q&A sessions on the platform starting with Sir Dave Ramsden on 14 November. The other sessions are:

  • Sam Woods on 16 November, 
  • Jo Place on 19 November, 
  • Governor Mark Carney on 27 November, 
  • Jon Cunliffe on 13 December, and 
  • Ben Broadbent on 9 January. 

To find out more information and to register please visit:

Bank of England Future Forum

or email