Regulatory Reform: amendments to the Prudential Regulation Authority Handbook

Policy Statement 1/13
Published on 25 March 2013

The Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA) policy statement includes amendments to the following areas of the PRA Handbook:

  • PRA’s approved persons regime: CP 12/26 (APER and SUP 10B) and CP 13/3 (SUP TP);
  • Regulatory disclosure and use of the PRA's logo: CP 12/24 (GEN 4/5);
  • General Provisions and Definitions: CP 12/24 (GEN 2);
  • Reports by Skilled Persons: CP 12/24 (SUP 5);
  • Applications to vary and cancel Part 4A permissions and to impose, vary or cancel requirements: CP 12/24 (SUP 6);
  • Waiver and modification of rules: CP 12/24 (SUP 8);
  • Controllers and close links: CP 12/24 (SUP 11);
  • Passporting and related issues: CP 12/24 (SUP 13/14);
  • Notifications to the FCA or the PRA: CP 12/24  (SUP 15);
  • Reporting requirements: CP 12/24 (SUP 16);
  • Transfers of business: CP 12/24 (SUP 18);
  • Other Changes to the PRA Handbook: CP 12/24 (including deletions);
  • General transitional arrangements: CP 13/3 (GEN TP); and
  • Changes to the Fees module: Chapter 2 of CP 12/28 (FEES).

PDFPolicy Statement 1/13


PDF Appendix 1: Approved Persons amendments

PDFAppendix 2: Status Disclosure, Transitional Provisions and Miscellaneous amendments

PDF Appendix 3: Skilled Persons amendments

PDF Appendix 4: Variation of Permission amendments

PDF Appendix 5: Waiver and Modification of Rules amendments

PDF Appendix 6: Controllers and Close Links amendments

PDF Appendix 7: Passporting amendments

PDF Appendix 8: Notifications amendments

PDF Appendix 9: Amendments to Reporting requirements

PDF Appendix 10: Transfer of Business amendments

PDF Appendix 11: Amendments to Forms

PDF Appendix 12: Amendments to Cross-references

PDF Appendix 13: Fees amendments

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