The Prudential Regulation Authority’s approach to enforcement: statutory statements of policy and procedure

Statement of Policy

First published on 1 April 2013

This Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA) statement of policy publishes the final statements of policy on the PRA’s decision-making policy and procedure, as well as on aspects of its disciplinary and other enforcement powers and includes its:

  • procedures regarding decisions that create an obligation to give a statutory notice;
  • policy on the imposition and amount of penalties;
  • policy on the imposition and period of suspensions or restrictions;
  • policy on the settlement of cases involving enforcement action;
  • policy on the publication of disciplinary and other enforcement actions; and
  • policy regarding the conduct of certain interviews at the request of overseas regulators.

Current version

Published on 15 September 2021. Effective from 15 September 2021.

- following the publication of Policy Statement 20/21 ‘Financial holding companies: Further implementation’.

Consultation Paper

Published on 20 December 2012

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