Distribution of the national debt March 1965

Quarterly Bulletin 1966 Q1
Published on 01 March 1966

A series of articles analysing the distribution of the national debt by type of holder at 31st March each year has been published in the Bulletin annually since 1962 and has covered the years 1958 to 1964,12) This article discusses the figures for 31st March 1965.

As before, the figures are drawn from a variety of sources and show nominal values where possible. For certain of the categories, however, only book values are available, and some of the figures are at dates other than 31st March. Moreover, some figures, particularly those for overseas residents, individuals, and industrial and commercial companies, are little more than broad estimates. Subject to these qualifications, the figures are thought to give a reasonable guide to the distribution of the national debt. Because the figures are mainly at nominal values, the changes during the year 1964/65 do not correspond with the cash values of transactions given elsewhere in this Bulletin.

PDFDistribution of the national debt March 1965

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