The financial institutions Part 2

Quarterly Bulletin 1971 Q1
Published on 01 March 1971

The business of the principal financial institutions other than the banks was described in an article in the June 1965 issue of the Bulletin, which drew upon figures for the year 1963. Subsequent developments a re being reviewed i n a short series of articles, the first of which appeared i n the December 1970 issue and discussed the contractual savings institutions - the insurance companies and pension funds - and property unit trusts.

The present article continues the series by looking at the development over the years 1964-69 of those institutions which invest primarily in equities, namely the investment and unit trusts, and the main deposit-taking institutions - building societies, the special investment departments of the trustee savings banks, the in vestment account of the National Savings Bank, and the finance houses. Some of the special finance agencies are also described. This completes the list of institutions to be described, but a concluding article will assess their impact in the main security markets.

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