Seasonal adjustment of the quarterly analysis of bank advances

Quarterly Bulletin 1972 Q2
Published on 01 June 1972

In 1967 the quarterly analysis of bank advances published by the British Bankers' Association was replaced by a more comprehensive analysis covering all banks in the United Kingdom and based on the Standard Industrial Classification. The reasons for the change and the main differences between the old and the new series were described in an article published in the March 1967 Bulletin, page 48.

The new series is now available for a period of five years from mid-February 1967,1 long enough to give some indication of seasonal patterns. Figures for each of the various categories of borrower have therefore been examined, and seasonal adjustment factors have been calculated for those showing some degree of seasonality in their behaviour. The same moving average method was used as for the earlier British Bankers' Association series, for which seasonally adjusted changes were published in the September 1966 Bulletin, page 257, and in the Central Statistical Office's Financial Statistics.

PDFSeasonal adjustment of the quarterly analysis of bank advances

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