Balance sheets for insurance companies

Quarterly Bulletin 1978 Q3
Published on 01 September 1978

National and sector balance sheets provide figures of outstanding liabilities and holdings of assets to complement the financial transactions data in the flow of funds accounts. An official ten-year programme of work on the improvement of financial statistics and their extension to include balance sheets was begun in 1972. The Bank undertook, as their share of the operation, to construct sector series not only for institutions such as banks, where the Bank are responsible for the basic data, but for all financial institutions, for the central government and for the overseas sector; the Bank also undertook to provide certain figures (e.g. listed issued capital) for other sectors. The first sector series, for deposit banks, were published in 1972; figures for the whole banking sector appeared in 1973; and those for investment trust companies in 1975.

In each case, the Bank produce integrated balance sheet and flow accounts, that is, tables in which the flows are, as far as possible, consistent with the levels. The levels are at market values, or estimated market values. The Bank's aim is, as far as possible, to provide quarterly statistics from 1963.

PDFBalance sheets for insurance companies

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