Finance leasing - estimates of investments in assets for leasing out

Quarterly Bulletin 1984 Q3
Published on 01 September 1984

This note updates figures published in the September 1983 Bulletin and introduces a quarterly series for the period since the beginning of 1981.

The statistics in Table A measure the contribution to fixed investment of assets purchased for leasing out; they cover investment in such assets by monetary sector institutions, by finance houses outside the monetary sector, and by specialist finance leasing subsidiaries (or associates) of these institutions and of other companies. By far the greater part of the expenditure is on assets to be leased out under finance leases, but expenditure by these companies on assets for leasing out on other terms is also included. In recent years, some companies have also on-leased assets which they do not own but have themselves leased in from other owners, generally not financial companies; such business is excluded from the figures.

PDFFinance leasing - estimates of investments in assets for leasing out


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