Economic commentary

Quarterly Bulletin 1986 Q3
Published on 01 September 1986
  • Slower economic growth among the industrial countries in early 1986 partly reflected a fall in exports, especially to oil producers.

  • Growth should strengthen in the second half as consumers have yet to respond fully to the increase in their real incomes, brought about by the fall in inflation.

  • The stance of policy in the major countries remains cautious. Some risks to growth remain, including the persistence of large current account imbalances and protectionist pressures.

  • In the United Kingdom the growth of output remained weak in the first half of the year. The growth of employment slowed and unemployment increased.

  • Consumer demand strengthened in the second quarter and is likely to be the main source of growth in the second half of the year.

  • The strength of mortgage borrowing has contributed to a rise in the personal sector's ratio of debt to income.

  • The United Kingdom's current account surplus was a little under £1 billion in the first half, as the oil surplus fell and the growth of manufactured exports remained weak. But the depreciation of sterling should improve competitiveness.

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