The UK and Europe - The English-Speaking Union's 1990 Churchill

Quarterly Bulletin 1991 Q1
Published on 01 March 1991

In the English-Speaking Union's 1990 Churchill Lecture, the Governor examines some of the ways in which British perceptions of our role in the world have manifested themselves in our approach to Europe in the post-war period. He lays stress on internationalism, pragmatism and a preference for an evolutionary approach to institutions as qualities characteristic of UK policy, and points also to a readiness to pool independence where practical advantage, particularly in terms of economic welfare, can be demonstrated. He then goes on to argue that in the discussions on Europe's future monetary arrangements - arrangements which he insists should be assessed on the basis of whether they would enhance economic welfare -the UK proposal for a Hard Ecu and an EMF represent a positive contribution to the debate that manifests these same qualities.

PDFThe UK and Europe - The English-Speaking Union's 1990 Churchill

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