The net debt of the public sector - end-March 1991

Quarterly Bulletin 1991 Q4
Published on 01 December 1991

This article continues the series begun in the March 1986 Bulletin and last updated in the November 1990 Bulletin. From the November 1988 Bulletin it has been combined with the long-standing series of articles on the national debt and its distribution. It has been compiled with the help of the Central Statistical Office and others.

The main points are:

  • The net debt of the public sector and market holdings of the national debt (see appendix for explanation of terms) both rose in 1990/91, by around £4 billion and £3 billion respectively. The consolidated debt of the public sector also rose by £4 billion.
  • On all these measures, there was a slight decrease in relation to GDP.
  • The proportion of national debt in market hands which was in index-linked form continued to rise.

PDFThe net debt of the public sector - end-March 1991

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