Measuring total factor productivity for the United Kingdom

Quarterly Bulletin 2004 Q1
Published on 19 March 2004

By Charlotta Groth, Maria Gutierrez-Domenech and Sylaja Srinivasan of the Bank's Structural Economic Analysis Division. 

A good understanding of productivity growth is important for understanding aggregate supply capacity, and so for the conduct of monetary policy. To understand the sources of supply capacity well, it is important to measure output and factor inputs correctly. This article summarises recent and ongoing research at the Bank of England on improved measures of factor inputs. This work explicitly accounts for changes in the quality of these inputs and for the flow of services available from them, as well as for the costs of adjusting the level and utilisation of the inputs over time. This research was presented at a workshop on 'measuring factor inputs' held at the Bank of England in December 2003.

PDFMeasuring total factor productivity for the United Kingdom


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